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A Happy Me

I was suffering from significant stress, anxiety and panic attacks. To try to alleviate this I quit my job and reduced my commitment to stressful and time-consuming Pro Bono work. The stress, however, kept building. So I tried CBT, which did help but too much stress was still there for me to More function properly.
I came to Cath for help, and I’m so glad I did. So many other issues that were bothering me came to light. It was a revelation. The therapy sessions were so relaxing but, most important of all, she gave me a set of excellent coping tools specifically designed for me, which were so easy to implement. EG. A digital recording of a session for when I couldn’t get to sleep. Simple little hand procedures which, not only calmed but, lifted my mood.
These things plus the therapy sessions made a great difference to me. I began to smile and to actually feel happy. Once I could do this, the world began to look brighter. The constant panic and jitteriness slowly receded.
I’m glad to say I’m working again and enjoying my work. I look after myself and don’t take too much on. Life is good!
Thank you, Cath.